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Products designed for streamlined hiring and effective management of ALLPS IT teams

AI Powered Resume Screening Matching

AI-powered algorithms automate the initial screening process by analyzing resumes and identifying relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. Matching candidates’ skills and experience to job requirements, making the initial screening process more efficient.

Tool to manage remote IT Teams and Time Tracking.

iProPal is used to hire and manage IT Freelancers.

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ALLPS Satisfied Clients World Wide

Working with ALLPS IT Teams has been great. they are efficient and really skilled, the best IT team I ever had.
I would highly recommend ALLPS IT Teams for high quality and low cost.
Andrea Girasole
CEO Billte AG, Switzerland
Working with ALLPS IT Teams is fantastic, the team is professional and always meeting the expectations.

Robert Schweikert
CEO SEPM, Switzerland
Working with ALLPS IT Teams was better than we expected. Results were delivered on time and we even received extra support. We are very happy with ALLPS IT Teams.
Founder, Switzerland

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We are thrilled that iProPal – Platform for Remote IT Teams managed by #ALLPS has been selected by #CIOReviewIndia as one of the ’10 Most Promising #HR_Tech_Startups – 2021′. A highly curated platform to hire and manage remote IT teams.

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Listen to Pooja’s incredible journey at ALLPS and passion for making a difference!

Pooja is working as a Data Scientist at ALLPS since Jan’2020. Pooja is solving Resume Screening and Time Series Analysis business cases.