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Who we are

Building software for world changers

ALLPS helps you find the right people to get the work done. We intelligently match your project requirements of skills, time and budget to the best fit. That means, less hassle in developing high quality software.  

What we Do

Our qualities shape the way we work with our customers

Dedicated IT Teams: 

We capture your IT team requirements and shortlist the best developers

Managed Services:

  • Building large, complex and critical projects from end-to-end.
  • Custom-tailored cloud solutions for startups and businesses.
  • Full-cycle services for startups, SME and large Enterprises.

Years on the market


Projects delivered so far


We work with Agile methods that will enable us to deliver solutions faster and better.

We understand your requirements and define highly scalable architecture so new solutions can be developed with minimum efforts. Our goal is to deliver high quality and cost effective solutions.

IT team onboarding timeline 4-5 weeks
1 Week
Capture IT team requirements , NDA
2 weeks
Schedule interviews and shortlist Developers
2 weeks
Create contracts and onboard team


Meet our expert Team

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Jakeer Mohammad

team member

Markus A.Klinkner

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Javed Memon

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Priyanka Paprikar

HR Lead
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Feroz MD

Head Operations
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Mirjam Kalisz

Business Developer