Finding and Curating the IT Skills from our Talent Pool

AI-Powered Resume screening and matching       

AI-powered algorithms automate the initial screening process by analysing resumes and identifying relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. Matching candidates’ skills and experience to job requirements, making the initial screening process more efficient.

We assess candidates through coding challenges and test projects to validate their system design and coding proficiency. Our experts also evaluate essential soft skills such as presentation, communication, and cultural fit. Upon shortlisting a candidate, a thorough background check precedes their official onboarding onto the ALLPS platform. This meticulous process ensures a well-rounded evaluation to find the right candidate for the role and for successful team integration.

Your financial crux

Business Value


We deliver excellent value for accessing our talent, consistently saving client companies over €500,000 annually. Our pricing is transparent — engage with ALLPS IT Teams on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis for a fixed monthly fee, with no hidden charges. 

We are flexible to combine freelancers and dedicated developers to add the skills that are missing in your team leading to your projects success.In addition to our competitive hourly rates,


Your Project Success

No hassle about benefits, stock options, vacation time, unemployment, termination processes, paperwork, recruiting efforts, management, and associated expenses. We handle these details, allowing you to focus on your core business priorities. Tap into global talent by hiring skills that might be unavailable locally.

Elevating your company’s worth, especially for startups, is intricately tied to the creation of an exceptional team and product. Unfortunately, constructing such a team to develop an outstanding product is a resource-intensive endeavor, demanding both time and money. Whether an ALLPS Developer is integrated to bolster in-house teams or enhance their capabilities, they expedite the process, allowing your company to rapidly build both an impressive team and product.

Build your IT Team with ALLPS

How it works.

At ALLPS, we eliminate the complexity of talent acquisition. No more deciphering how to find the best talent, navigating project requirements, or dealing with multiple intermediaries. Say goodbye to flat project fees. Connect with exceptional IT Teams who seamlessly integrate into your team, providing the convenience of an internal team working remotely.”

1. Tell us what kind of IT Team you need

What kind of IT talent do you need? What is your tech stack? What specific skills do you need?

Submit your IT Team requirements for precision in talent matching — whether it’s a solo developer or a multi functional team of ten consisting of IT Developers, Data Scientists, IT Architects, Automation Engineers, Project Managers or any niche skill Developers etc, ALLPS has you covered. 

2. We will find the right IT team for you

After we get the IT Team requirements, our Account Manager will connect with you to get better understanding of your requirements and provide you with shortlisted candidates for interview. The Account Manager shortlists the IT Team matching the required skills using ALLPS AI Matching engine ensuring a tailored match for your project. The freelancers are sourced from our curated IT freelance platform iProPal.

3. They seamlessly integrate as an extension of your team

We’ll introduce you to your IT Team, and they’ll ramp up and start working as soon as you say go.

After your review and approval of our proposed IT Team, they are set to seamlessly join your workforce, functioning like an in-house team member. While our ALLPS talent is accustomed to remote work, we are open to on-site arrangements to align with your preferences. Add team members on demand.

4. Collaborate Risk-Free with your extended IT Team  

Once digital contract is made with ALLPS, you can start working seamlessly with your IT team. If you’re not satisfied with the Developer during the trial period, we’ll find a replacement at no cost.  The time tracking and management of your team is done by our tool Pulse.

How it works in detail

  1. Team Requirement: Once your team requirement is posted, our Account Manager begins with a consultation to understand your project requirements, goals, and the specific skills needed.

  2. Flexible Engagement: Choose from flexible engagement models, whether hourly, part-time, or full-time, to suit your project’s scale and duration. In a typical case, companies engage with us for long term running projects over 6 months. You can also choose if you need only freelancers or a mixture of freelancers and dedicated developers.

  3. Skill Alignment: The Account Manager shortlists the IT Team matching the required skills using ALLPS AI Matching engine ensuring a tailored match for your project. The freelancers are sourced from our curated IT freelance platform iProPal.

  4. Transparent Pricing: Benefit from transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Our competitive rates ensure cost-effective solutions.

  5. Integration: Integrate ALLPS IT Teams seamlessly into your existing team or project workflow.

  6. Quality Assurance: Our experts maintain high-quality standards throughout the project, ensuring deliverables meet or exceed expectations. The time tracking and management of your team is done by our tool Pulse.

  7. Communication and Collaboration: Foster open communication and collaboration through regular updates, meetings, and efficient project management tools. The recommended tools are slack and google meet. The tools can be adapted to meet your project needs.

  8. Monitoring and Support: Continuous monitoring and support guarantee that your project progresses smoothly, with prompt issue resolution if needed.

  9. Scalability: Scale your team up or down based on project requirements, ensuring optimal resource utilisation.

  10. Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback loop for ongoing improvement, ensuring that the collaboration evolves based on your changing needs.

   By following this structured process and tools, ALLPS IT Teams ensure a streamlined and effective collaboration to meet your project objectives.